Carbon Mustang


– Designed from a Fender Mustang™ 69´Japan Series.

– Original SingleCoils Pickups substitution for a calibrated set of a BareKnuckle Pickups BlackHawk™ -CNC routed-.

– Built-In SuperNova[fx] effects™:

  • InDaFace™.
  • Contension™.
  • Boost!™.
  • R.I.P. Switch™.

– Brand new electronic circuitry:

  • Vintage cable -external copper net shield.
  • Copper Shielding.
  • OrangeDrop™ Capacitors,
  • Neutrik™ locking chassis jack.
  • CTS™ pots.
  • Schaller Megaswitch™.

– Brand new Bigsby B7™ installation with tune-o-matic BABICZ™.

– Gotoh™ tuners.

– SuperNova[fx] Bolt-On™.

– SuperNova[fx] ZeroFret™.

– Weight cavitation process with optimum mass distribution, (final weight less than 3Kg).

– PickGuard, neck cover and back side plates made of duralumin –Aircraft grade quality.

– Laser engraved on duralumin plates.

– SuperNova[fx] PickGuard Inserts System™.

– SuperNova[fx] Round MachineHeads™.

– SuperNova[fx] Knobs™ (volume, tone and effects).

– SuperNova[fx] Slide Knob™ (Pickups selector).

– SuperNova[fx] PickUp Rings™.

– Carbon fiber top cover on body and neck.

– Duralumin binding Laser cut.

– Neck Curvature adjustment and fret work.

– FretBoard black painting.

– A2 metric Stainless Steel Screws.